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Purchase Ordinary People Doing The Extraordinary

Among the top ten books recommended by Ralph Nader for 2009 is People’s Lobby’s “Ordinary People Doing the Extraordinary.      

Nader writes 


Ordinary People Doing the Extraordinary: The Story of Ed and Joyce Koupal and the Initiative Process by Dwayne Hunn and Doris Ober. This husband-wife team “just ordinary people,” in their words, started out powerless and in over a decade, largely in the seventies, built Initiative power to qualify reforms on the California ballot for the popular vote. A story for the ages that strips away excuses steeped in a sense of powerlessness. This small but invigorating paperback can be obtained from The People’s Lobby ( www.peopleslobby.us ) for $15, including shipping.  1817 California St. , Unit 201, San Francisco , CA 94109 , 415-673-0369.


You may call 415-673-0369 to order the book.

Print and mail this form or insert your own order form and where the book(s) should be sent with $15. per book.

Cost of single book is $15. (shipping included in this price) Mail your order to:  

M. L. Hunn, People's Lobby , 1817 California St. Unit 201, San Francisco, CA. 94109


3-6 books add $3.00 for shipping

6-9 books add $6.00 for shipping

Fill out or include to where the book(s) should be mailed:  Name, Street address, City, State,

Number of books:   If 8 or more books are ordered, cost per book is $12. each plus $6.00 for shipping.

Check #

Become a People's Lobby supporter at the $50.00 level and, at your request,  we will send an Extraordinary book as a thank- you.

Support People's Lobby at $100, and we will send two books.

Donations made out to People's Lobby's Education Foundation (501c3) are tax deductible.


Read  Nader's full Top Ten  list at:





Nader's tribute to the Koupals


Purchase Every Town Needs a Castle 

To read about public policy for a unique perspective.

Or paste http://dwaynehunn.biz/every_town_needs_a_castle.htm or





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